5 Steps to Do when You Found an Unattended Death at Your Property

When an unattended death happened at your place, what will you do? The first thing most people will do it clean the area. When this happens, there is a considerable possibility that the crime scene will be contaminated. In this case, the authorities will have difficulties in solving the crime. Or at some point, you may become a suspect as your footprints are already presented in the crime scene. So if this happened to you, make sure to think twice before you do the cleaning. In this article, we will tackle some things you need to do when you discovered an unattended death at your property.

5 Easy Steps to Follow When There is an Unattended Cleanup at Your Property

Step #1: Document It

The first thing you need to do is not to scream or frightened. But, you need to be calm and as much as you can and be able to document everything. Grab a camera and take a picture and make sure you note the date and time. If you suspect anything unusual before you found the body, make sure to take notes of it too. While you are documenting, make sure you do it quickly and do not attempt to move or touch the body. Also, make sure to have a distance from the body. If accidentally, you reached the body, be sure to document it too.

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Step #2: Call the Authority

Now, after you take a picture of it and document what you have seen and observed, then it is time to call the authority. As soon as possible, call the authority near you. The police should arrive in such a quick manner especially if the body is already deteriorating. Then once they arrived, make sure you ready your documents in case they ask you of anything. Then let the police officers do their job, if they have some question, make sure you cooperate.

Step #3: Have Someone Accompany You

While the police officers are doing their jobs, make sure there is someone beside you. Or call someone you can trust in case anything happened. Remember that you might be a suspect in the case, but it doesn’t mean that you will go to jail immediately.

Step #4: Cooperate with The Authority

If the authorities need something, be sure to cooperate. That is why it is essential to have someone beside you so to help you decide. Even if you are the one who found the body at your property, you are not exempted, and at some points, you may become a candidate for suspicion. So if you feel that the police officers are already questioning your position, make sure to cooperate with them.

Step #5: Hire an Unattended Death Cleaner

After the police have done their process and the forensic experts are done too, you can call an unattended death cleanup dallas. You can also drop by at their address to see their cleaning facility. Do not attempt to clean your property yourself as you might be exposing yourself to some health risks. Also, you might damage the property or leave something behind that might infect your living.

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