Ramp Up Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Have you just purchased a new home or are you about to put your home on the market for sale? Maybe you’ve been in your home for quite some time and have noticed the exterior and grounds have become a bit tired and lack curb appeal. Take a closer look. Better yet, take advantage of the deals offered by Groupon coupons and invest in a pair of new contacts from Coastal.com and take a fresh look at the exterior of your home. Follow these recommendations from the professional real estate agents and make the exterior of your home a show stopper. Most improvements can be made with a few trips to the home improvement store and plenty of weekend man hours.


Stand across the street from your home and make a list of deferred maintenance items. Prioritize these and head to the home improvement store for supplies, replacement items and landscaping items. Start with the landscaping. All the trees branches should be trimmed to at least eight feet above the ground to allow light to enter the home and grass to grow beneath the trees. Trim the shrubbery to below the height of the windows and away from walk ways. Add fresh pine straw or pine bark where needed. Consider two large pots of colorful seasonal flowers at the front door.

Select a fresh color for the front door. If the screen door is in need of repair, either perform the maintenance or discard of the door. An updated porch light, welcome mat, mailbox and house numbers will transform the look of the entry. Check all gutters for need of repair or maintenance. Repair and paint shutters a color that compliments the house color and front door color. Remember, selecting a baby’s name is a big decision. Selecting a twenty dollar can of paint is not.

Finally, power wash the driveway and walkways for a fresh and clean looks. This will also preserve the concrete. If any masonry is chipping have this repaired as well. After a few weekends and a few trips to the home improvement store, your house no doubt has an incredibly attractive curb appeal. Congratulations on increasing the value and look of your home!

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